The Ragdoll Breed is docile, mild-mannered, and congenial, Rag-dolls make ideal indoor companions. One of the nicest features of these cats is their laid-back, sweet personality. They are playful but are not overactive. Known to adapt easily to their environment, Ragdolls get along well with children and adults, as well as cats and dogs. They are easily trained to stay off the counter and are affectionate without being overly demanding. They have soft, polite voices, even at dinnertime, even though they are renowned for their enthusiasm for food.


Non-refundable Hold Deposit: $400




A Ragamuffin’s personality is one of extreme sweetness. While this is hard to describe, it is best understood when you are owned by one of these cats. Over time, you begin to understand their exceptional personality and how it differs from that of most other cats. Ragamuffins form a strong bond with their families and once your home has been blessed with one, you will be forever hooked on the breed. They are addictive and you may soon find that just one of these cuddly teddy bears is just not enough.


Non-refundable Hold Deposit: $300

Coming Spring 2018!

Meet The "Mom"

Lori Miller

My name is Lori Miller and I live on a farm in, well, quite the middle of nowhere. Nothing new to some people, certainly the norm for people around here.... But I was raised a city gal and a city gal I still am! (In my heart)

When I met my husband of now 28 years, the one thing thing that enticed me about living on a farm was that he promised me I could have all the cats I wanted! Yes! Dream come true! Except he neglected to mention that they all had to live outside. Ok, so now we had a big problem.... No malls, no shopping centers whatsoever, no people for miles and miles, and now no kitties in the house?!? Are you kidding me? Fortunately, he loves me very much, so he caved within our first year of marriage and let me convert a barn cat I to a house kitty. Not exactly my dream kitty, but Ollie was a fabulous companion for 18 years.

When he passed away, (the cat, not the husband), I did a lot of research and was determined that my next kitten would be a Ragdoll. They enticed me by their floppyness, their long glorious coats of fur, their blue eyes, their loving dispositions... I was smitten! Never mind that my farmer husband thought I was crazy to spend 'that kind of money on a cat' when we could just nab another barn cat..... I had my heart set and my savings account started.

The hunt began. I didn't realize they would be so hard to find OR so expensive! When I finally did get my first Ragdoll, he lived up to all my expectations and more. I decided that more people needed to have access to these beautiful cats and not pay so much for them. So I invested in a female Ragdoll and female Persians to provide the darling Ragamuffin breed as well. The rest, as they say, is history!