Kova, Queen

Female, Blue Point Ragdoll
3 years young


Coffee or tea: Neither- Cat Nip.All.Day.

What’s on repeat: Love Yourself…I’m a Belieber.

Favorite meal: Honestly, anything from Purina Fancy Feast but I'm not picky.

Best part about being a mom: Teaching the fluffs how to make humans their servants. My philosophy- it’s all in the eyes, the bigger the better.

Greatest fear: Cucumbers

Water- love it or hate it: Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate

People or Dogs: I’m a people cat. They’re just so easy to manipulate!

Currently Reading: What To Expect When You’re Expecting

Sully, Sire

Male, Seal Point Ragdoll
3 years old


What’s on repeat: Wild Things by Alessia Cara, takes me back to my roots

Pet Peeve: Objects sitting on edges. Just drives me crazy, I have to knock them over

Favorite part of being a dad: I’d like to plead the fifth

What you don’t know: I have my very own house

If I could go anywhere, I’d go: Outside, I’ve only ever heard of it and seen glimpses through the door or on the way to the vet.

Favorite food: Sushi

People or Dog cat: I’m a Dog cat, they need masters. Muahahaha

Life Goal: Set the world record for napping


Yzma, Queen

Female, Persian
1 year old


Nickname: Happy

Who's your best friend? My sister, Jules

Favorite place to be: The cat house

When I'm not mothering: I like to take some time for myself, enjoy a bit of catnip

What you don’t know: I'm named after my doppleganger, Yzma, from The Emperor's New Groove

Best known for: My smile

Life goal: Meet Eartha Kitt

Currently reading: 101 Baby Names and Their Meanings 

Jules, Queen

Female, Persian
1 year old


Nickname: Chatty Cathy

Who's your best friend? My sister, Yzma

Life Quote: Survival of the fluffiest.

Nature or Nurture: Lick 'em til they listen.

What you don’t know: I talk constantly.

Best known for: My type-A personality

What's on repeat: The Real Slim Shady by my boi Eminem

Registered at: PetSmart and Target